Three Ways to Stretch Inkjet Canvas Prints

This article will examine three unique ways that can be utilized to extend inkjet material prints. The three strategies examined will incorporate extending material manually, utilizing a material extending machine and utilizing a cot bar framework.

Extending material manually

Extending material by hand can be a work serious and tedious cycle,  psoas stretch  in any event, for the accomplished proficient, and tremendously disappointing to the halfway or fledgling client. When extending material manually, a few people will even venture to such an extreme as to create their own cot bars, playing out all of the necessary woodwork themselves. Others will settle on buying pre-made bans and continue on from that point. When extending material manually, one necessities various instruments and equipment including a drill and screws, a mallet, stick, and different things like a miter checked whether you anticipate slicing your bars to estimate rather than purchasing pre-made ones. While extending material by hand can be seen by some as a fine art, it tends to be very time and work serious.

Utilizing a material extending machine

Utilizing a material extending machine like the Tensador II, can be an exceptionally effective method of extending material. With this strategy, clients can either make their own cot bars or buy pre-manufactured bars. Utilizing this kind of machine takes practically all of the work out of the cycle. It just requires a couple of moments to extend a material.

This technique is just suggested for those organizations that have the volume to legitimize the $3500 buy, including gear and fundamental embellishments.

Utilizing a cot bar framework

Utilizing a cot bar framework can be extremely simple for the fledgling and experienced proficient the same. It is the fair compromise among cost and work. The utilization of pre-created glue upheld cot bars, with corner pieces and focus supports used to make the material instructed, and any remaining required equipment provided in one bundle makes this interaction extremely simple. The average chance to extend a material utilizing this framework is somewhere in the range of five and fifteen minutes.


For those people or organizations delivering an enormous volume of extended material prints, utilizing a material extending machine is enthusiastically prescribed because of the diminished work costs. For the medium to low volume business, utilizing a cot bar framework is the ideal technique when adjusting work, time and cost. While extending by hand can be seen by some as a work of art, it for the most part takes more time to create a completed material utilizing this technique.

Sean McGettigan has been with LexJet, a producer and wholesaler of expert inkjet media and wide configuration printers, for over six years, gathering an abundance of specialized and item application information as a record trained professional. In addition to other things, Sean makes important specialized and item application recordings and articles to assist LexJet’s clients with the everyday activities of their wide configuration illustrations and visual printing organizations.